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The Best Way To Find Your Water Shut Off Valve

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

By following these instructions, you will be able to easily locate your home's water shutoff valve and learn how water extraction service may assist y

Most homes have the main water shut-off valve at where the water line enters the house or near the water tank in the basement. The main water cutoff being located in the basement keeps it from freezing during harsh winters. Alternatively, you can find the water pipe where the water enters your home. The valve will be around that spot, either on an outside wall or in an underground box slightly below the water meter.

Tips to quickly locate the water shut-off valve:

  1. On the inside perimeter, locate the water shut-off valve. On the inside of your home, look for the main water shut off valve. Typically, it will be positioned on the house's perimeter, as this is where the water first enters your home. Also, keep on the street-facing side of the home. Your water main normally starts at the street and runs straight to your house.
  2. Locate the shut-off valve on your property inspection report. Look in the report's plumbing section. This section should include a photo of the shut-off valve as well as the location of the valve. 
  3. If the above tips fail, there may be another valve called a curb valve placed at the beginning of your water main, at the border line of your property and the street or sidewalk.

Water rushing wildly through your house is dangerous and unsafe, and it will soon create serious flood damage to the interior of your home. Locate the metal or plastic utility box trap door on the ground level. Call the 24-hour emergency contact number provided by the water provider. Staff may instruct you to turn off the water valve on your own or to wait for an emergency dispatch team. You may also call the nearest water extraction service in your region to assist you with your situation.

What are the advantages of knowing where the water shut-off valve is?

Consider this scenario—you've just returned home from a hard day at work to be welcomed with the sound of flowing water and squishing beneath your feet. You've got a ruptured pipe. As a result, you've got a tremendous problem on your hands. Rather than allowing the water to continue spilling out and worsening the damage — and your repair costs — while you wait for the plumber to do water damage restoration, you should close your interior main shut-off valve to guarantee the water stops flowing.

Similarly, if you're planning on upgrading your home or embarking on any plumbing tasks, such as repairing old pipes, you'll want to ensure that all water to the house is switched off throughout the projects.


While it might seem like the water shut-off valve is a simple thing to find, there are actually several places where you can look for it. To help you figure out where your water shut-off valve is located and keep your home from flooding, we've put together this helpful guide on finding the water shut-off in your home. Do you have a plumbing

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