SERVPRO of Sanford East Employee Photos

Headshot of Chris

Chris McDuff

Chris is our General Manager. He has many years of experience and has many certifications that he uses everyday to ensure that the job is done right.

Headshot of Susan

Susan Roy

Susan is the Operations manager at SERVPRO of Sanford East. She is the one who keeps us running and we would be lost without her many talents! She is a master in administrative and accounting duties and works hard to keep us in check!

Fun Fact: She has Bret Michaels autograph on a Marriott napkin.

Headshot of Amber

Amber Brazeau

Amber is our Office Manager here at SERVPRO Of Sanford East. Her attention to detail and incredibly sharp office skills caught our attention right from the get-go, and make Amber a vital part of our team!

Headshot of Marnie

Marnie Austin

Marnie is Office Manager for our Construction Services department here at SERVPRO Of Sanford East. Her organizational skills and other administrative talents make our construction office run like clockwork. 

Brandon Kellar Headshot

Brandon Kellar

Brandon is our Commercial Project Manager, he travels around the country working with our storm team. Brandon holds many certifications and is a true student of our profession.

Franco Pecori headshot

Franco Pecori

Franco is one of our two Production Managers, he has graduated with his Bachelor's in Science. 

Headshot of Sara Paez

Sara Paez

Sara is a crew chief and has been working with our team since March of 2020!

Headshot of Francisco

Fancisco Medina

Francisco is one of our Crew Chiefs here at SERVPRO of Sanford East. He is dedicated to helping our customers and guiding our team to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Headshot of Daniel

Daniel Valderrama

Daniel is one of our phenomenal technicians here at SERVPRO and we love having him as a part of our team!

Headshot of Brandon

Brandon Forman

Brandon is a Production Technician at SERVPRO of Sanford East. Brandon loves giving quality work and makes sure every second counts when helping our customers.

Headshot of Jose

Jose Molina

Jose Molina is a new addition to our team, and loves putting in extra time to get the job done!

Headshot of ernesto

Ernesto Torrealba

Ernesto is one of our newest additions to our team. He loves accomplishing goals and helping others, which makes him a great addition to our team!


Joe Dalton

Joseph Dalton III is the Sales and Marketing Manager for SERVPRO of Sanford East. He has a long history of sales and management experience and has been with SERVPRO for a number of years. Joe is known around the office for his hard work, determination and his jokes! 

Fun Fact: Joe has a Salsa business on the side and played professional soccer back in the day. 

Headshot of Austin

Austin Olsen

Austin is our Marketing Support Coordinator for our SERVPRO of Sanford East team. Austin loves to help people wherever he can, in the field or in the office. 

Headshot of Sydney

Sydney Bedsole

Sydney is one of our Commercial Marketing Representatives, and is an asset to our team!

Headshot of Jackie

Jackie Smith

Jackie is new to our team here, and has a lot of experience in the medical field where she will be spending most of her time.

Headshot of JJ

JJ Horvath

JJ has had years of experience in Sales and Marketing, and is a great addition to our team. 

Headshot of Jim Kristofik

Jim Kristofik

Jim has years of experience with the construction field and restoration field.