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How To Get Rid of Graffiti Vandalism

11/29/2022 (Permalink)

Graffiti on a building At SERVPRO of Sanford, we offer not only mold restoration or water damage but also graffiti cleanup services. Call us today!

Graffiti vandalism is a big problem especially when your favorite stuff like a table was scratched. It also includes defacing, tagging, writing, drawing of symbols, or placing materials onto any surface without the property owner’s permission. Aside from the physical impact, it has also a financial and social impact on the community as it might the perception of safety. SERVPRO of Sanford offers a vandalism cleanup service to minimize these problems.

But if you want some DIY tips on how to get rid of graffiti vandalism on different surfaces before going to a graffiti cleanup service, we’ll definitely give it to you. 

On Metal Surfaces

  1. Use thinner like mineral spirits, lacquer thinner, or acetone to wipe the graffiti off.
  2. Try removing it by rubbing with steel or bronze wool or light sandpaper if the graffiti still remains.
  3.  Try power-washing with a 3000psi pressure washer to further remove the graffiti.
  4. Paint over the graffiti.

On Wood Surfaces

  1. For unweathered and sealed with paint, stain, or sealer on woods, try to remove it by wiping with mineral spirits, but if the wood is weathered, do not use this technique as the mineral spirits will be absorbed by the wood, driving the paint further down into the wood.
  2. Use a 3000psi pressure washer to get rid of the graffiti then observe carefully to make sure the pressure is not driving the paint deeper into the wood grain. 
  3. Sand the wood and re-paint or simply paint over the graffiti.

On Plastic Surfaces

  1. Try to use a light, penetrating oil to wipe off graffiti. Refrain from using paint thinners as they can soften the plastic and can cause clouding or permanent tackiness of the surface.
  2. You can also use light rubbing with ultra-fine steel or bronze wool to remove the paint.
  3. Paint over it if it is still not working.

On Masonry Surfaces

  1. Power-wash the graffiti with a 3000psi pressure washer but always be careful in selecting the type of tip you use in the pressure wand. Too narrow a tip can etch the masonry surface, leaving a perfect outline of the graffiti removed.
  2. The sandblasting technique is another way. Be careful with the pressure in washing not to allow the sandblasting tip to remain in one spot too long as it can permanently etch the surface. Just be sure that the tip moves over the painted area and the surrounding areas so that the surface is blended.
  3. If both of the techniques don’t work (power-washing and sand-blasting), paint over the graffiti.

On Glass Surfaces

  1. The use of a razor blade to carefully scrape the graffiti. Use the razor blade in a holder and scrape at a 30-degree angle to the glass.
  2. Use ultra-fine bronze wool with water to gently rub the remaining paint off.
  3. The use of paint thinners on glass can be effective too but razor blades are much quicker and environmentally friendly.

Final Thoughts

Before cleaning any graffiti, it is vital to take pictures in case someone asks for evidence of vandalism. The sooner the graffiti is removed, the more the offending vandals will be discouraged. If things are beyond your control, you can check the vandalism cleanup service immediately. At SERVPRO of Sanford, we offer not only mold restoration or water damage but also graffiti cleanup services. Call us today!

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