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How To Make Your Kitchen Smell Fresh?

1/11/2022 (Permalink)

Professional odor removal like SERVPRO can greatly eliminate the bad odors in your home.

The kitchen is the mecca of any home. We spend a lot of time with our family, from cooking delicious meals to entertaining guests during special occasions. The smell of your house, particularly the kitchen, is the first thing that someone notices upon entering your home. Have you ever entered a home before and been greeted by the smell of freshly baked cookies? Were you instantly taken back to the happy memories of your childhood? Who would hate that, right?

We all want to keep our kitchens smelling divine and fresh all the time. However, odor removal can sometimes be tricky. No matter how clean your kitchen is, there are still times that an unpleasant smell can build up through different factors such as having pets and cooking smelly foods. This mixture of aromas cannot be resolved by simply spritzing artificial freshening sprays. Professional odor removal like SERVPRO can be ideal if you want to eliminate dreadful odors from your home fast. But there are also simple remedies you can try to keep unpleasant smells from your kitchen.

Here are simple ways to keep your kitchen smelling fresh all the time:

  • Don’t forget to clean and take out your garbage regularly

This may be the most obvious but sometimes the most neglected due to our busy schedules of working all day and taking care of the kids. However, our garbage bins are the biggest contributor to unpleasant smells in our kitchen. Taking your garbage out regularly will prevent any bad odors from remaining in your kitchen.

However, it does not end with just throwing your garbage out. It is important that you also clean the bins as germs and bacteria can remain in them. This bacteria contributes to the foul-smelling odor lingering in your kitchen. 

  • Clean the microwave after every use

Microwaves are one of the most used appliances in our home. From heating that leftover lasagna from last night’s dinner to popping popcorn for a movie night, microwaves are our trusted companion. But like any appliance in our home, we should make sure that we clean it every time we use it.

  • Scrub and clean all surfaces

Odor removal does not end in wiping down the counter after cooking. All surfaces should be clean and free from any leftover food stain that can rot. Regularly clean the hard-to-reach areas in your kitchen such as, under the sink or corners where liquid from food may have dripped over or pieces of food have fallen. This habit ensures that nothing will rot and contribute to invisible foul-smelling odor in your kitchen. 

Don’t forget to scrub carpets and wash rugs regularly to remove any smell from the food spills and stains. Also, you can try putting baking soda in your carpets and rugs, which is an odor absorber and can eliminate unwanted smells.

  • Do a regular fridge cleanout

Regular fridge cleaning is a daunting task, but it is also an important step in ensuring that any food that has gone bad will be properly disposed. This will prevent food from rotting and emitting unpleasant odors. Also, as a bonus, you will know what foods are near expiration so you can cook or consume them right away. 

Tip: Keep a bowl or box of baking soda in the back corner of the fridge to neutralize the noxious odors inside.

  • Seek professional help

We all want that perfect, fresh-smelling kitchen. If spritzing air freshener, simmering orange peels, and lighting a scented candle isn't doing the trick, seeking the help of a professional odor removal company can be a lifesaver. SERVPRO is an expert odor removal technician who can identify and eliminate any odor in your home. 

For a stress-free and fresh-smelling kitchen, contact SERVPRO now!

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